About Arctic Chaga

The last frontier offers up its medicinal secrets
Arctic Chaga is a family-owned and operated business, committed to offering premium quality mushroom products.

About Arctic Chaga
Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, the company has been offering these superior quality Chaga products for many years.

One of a handful of mushroom product-sourcing companies, Arctic Chaga has taken up the position of creating a product for both the retail and wholesale markets. 

Our mushrooms are handpicked from the Alaskan wilderness, just outside of Fairbanks. We keep our high-quality mushroom products with a harvesting process that is environmentally friendly and low stress on the mushroom.  We believe in protecting and respecting the natural environment. 

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By adopting this green process when harvesting the mushrooms, the environment gets the respect it deserves.

At our facility, we produce and package our products with the utmost care. We strive for perfection while producing every product, and we make sure that the mushrooms are not tampered with unnecessarily, keeping them as fresh as possible. Our facilities are RDA registered and inspected to ensure quality products and to earn the trust of our customers.  

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In addition to the quality mushroom products available for sale, we also provide excellent customer service and support to our clients.

Our team of customer representatives is available 24/7 to help respond promptly to queries and any concerns posted by clients. Reach us by calling the phone number on our contact page, or filling in the information requested on the form. We will respond promptly.

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Take advantage of our premium Chaga products today. Start your healing journey and work toward a healthier you.