Arctic Chaga

A new superfood from the last frontier.
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Introducing Arctic Chaga, hand-picked in the remote Alaskan Wilderness, the most potent form of the World's greatest Superfood.

To ensure the highest quality, our products are made from only the finest quality mushrooms, hand-picked by us, in wild Alaska. This promises that you will receive the freshest products, with the highest antioxidant rates, making Arctic Chaga the premium choice for all your Chaga needs. 

Chaga Benefits
Chaga’s many health benefits include fighting inflammation, reducing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and even preventing cancer.
Chaga tincture

Chaga is a mushroom that mainly grows on birch trees in northern regions.

The fiber-rich mushroom has many nutrients essential to human health, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D. It also contains a potent antioxidant called Melanin.

Chaga mushroom

So, why Arctic Chaga?

Our Arctic Chaga is hand-picked from birch trees in the Alaskan wilderness. The freezing temperatures of Alaska have evolved the mushroom, so it produces dense, protective layers of antioxidants and nutrients to survive. Experts believe the record setting ORAC score can be attributed to this environment. 

Arctic Chaga contains an amazing 215 phytonutrients responsible for the healing properties. This mushroom also has an enzyme that is found in tortoises - the longest living animals on the planet. Humans also have and need this enzyme.

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Cultivating mushrooms for medicinal purposes is not a new practice, but taking those mushrooms to create health products is a newer practice.
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