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Introducing Arctic Chaga, hand-picked in the remote Alaskan Wilderness, the most potent form of the World's greatest Superfood.


If it doesn't say Arctic Chaga it is not Arctic Chaga.

Arctic Chaga is a truly unique specimen in the world of mushrooms as well as herbal teas. Its appearance is unlike any mushroom you're likely familiar with. Found primarily growing on the trunks of birch trees, this mushroom looks peculiarly like a lump of burnt bark. However, this humble appearance hides a dynamic secret. Chaga has been harvested by humans for thousands of years, and the great respect herbalists have for this mushroom has earned it titles such as "The King of Mushrooms" and the "Diamond of the Forest". Birch forests around the world are known to be home to this remarkable mushroom, including Russia, Korea, some parts of Europe, and North America. The Arctic Alaskan regions are best for Chaga making Arctic Chaga the premium choice for your Chaga needs.


No other superfood can claim such a vast array of life-changing health benefits.

a sample of a whole chaga mushroom from the Alaskan Arctic

a sample of a whole chaga mushroom

What is Chaga?

Arctic Chaga is your source for the most sublime chaga mushroom products on the market today. Our chaga mushrooms are hand-picked from birch trees in the heart of the primordial Alaskan wilderness, where they grow wildly as they’ve done for thousands of years to provide us with what has long been called the king of medicinal herbal medicine. Arctic chaga is the true diamond of sacred forest medicine, providing  extraordinary healing properties for mankind at a time when healing ourselves as well as our planet is of the utmost importance. The chaga mushroom has none of the toxic and detrimental side effects of man-made pharmaceuticals and all the intrinsic wisdom of Mother Nature. Arctic chaga contains an amazing 215 phytonutrients responsible for the vast array of healing properties the chaga mushroom provides. Among these phytochemicals is a compound called superoxide dismutase, an enzyme found in great quantities in the longest living creatures on earth - humans and tortoises. Arctic chaga has 50 times more superoxide dismutase than any other medicinal mushroom on the market, making it one of the most essential foods for longevity. We encourage you to explore the the wondrous world of chaga by carefully selecting one of our premium products for you and your loved ones today.

The Holy Grail of Healing Foods

Never at any point in human history have superfoods been so readily available: Goji berries, Bee Pollen, Acai, Raw Cacao, Blueberries… the list is endless.  Yet none can claim such a broad range of clinically-proven healing benefits as Chaga.


If you were to take JUST ONE superfood daily to supplement your diet and maximize your health and wellness—there’s no question is should be Chaga!


It’s no wonder ancients referred to it as the “diamond of the forest” and the “king of medicinal mushrooms.” The question is not IF you should be consuming this miraculous mushroom, but which form…

What Makes Arctic Chaga so Superior?

While most Chaga comes from China or other countries abroad—Arctic Chaga is the ONLY source of this healing mushroom grown and ethically harvested inside the United States. It grows wildly on birch trees in the forests surrounding the pristine Alaskan tundra, where there is no pollution or risk of contamination.


The harsh, freezing temperatures in that region have demanded that the Chaga plant evolve to produce dense, protective layers of antioxidants and nutrients to survive.


This is what many experts attribute to its record-setting ORAC antioxidant score.


For that reason, it should come as no surprise that Arctic Chaga from Alaska has tested far higher than other leading sources of Chaga, as illustrated on this chart:

Your Delicious Health Transformation Awaits....

Get started for as little as a Dollar a Day!

Arctic Chaga Antioxidants testing
Four Bottles of Chaga Tincture for only $99.99

Another beautiful thing about Chaga—it’s delicious! Many begin their morning with a nourishing cup of Chaga tea… and, in fact, the entire family can enjoy Arctic Chaga tea for as little as a dollar a day.


For those who want a more potent preparation, the concentrated extract form—Arctic Chaga Power—can be easily added to water or even coffee without bad taste or flavor.


No matter what option you choose… you’ll get MORE healing benefits—from anti-aging, energy, stress reduction, heart and beyond—for less money than it costs to consume any other leading superfood!


And thanks to this limited-time, introductory offer on Arctic Chaga, you can get the lowest price EVER offered on the most powerful form of this amazing medicinal mushroom.


And keep in mind, our 60-day unconditional, money-back guarantee protects your purchase—you must love and feel the incredible benefits Arctic Chaga delivers, or you may send it back at any time during that period for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

If you want the Best Health Possible, Here is the Bottom Line

You’ve seen the research, and you now know that:


Chaga is THE king of all superfoods—no other plant provides such a full spectrum of healing benefits across the body, positively affecting your energy, aging, heart, stress levels, vitality and beyond!


Chaga is a true medical miracle, NOT folk medicine—lesser forms of the mushroom have been clinically-studied around the world and shown in real studies to produce meaningful changes that create a lasting transformation in your health… and…


You know that Arctic Chaga is the single best source on earth: it’s the ONLY source of Chaga that grows in a pristine climate, inside the United States. Unlike other forms that may come from China or may have to be irradiated when traveling across national borders, Arctic Chaga maintains every ounce of its peak potency by the time it reaches your body.


So given these three undeniable facts, what are you waiting for?


To get started with Arctic Chaga—click any of the money-saving options above, spend 30 seconds completing the secure checkout process… and your order will be rushed out to you.

It takes a spectacular environment to create the best Chaga  in the world.

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